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Privacy Statement :

We occasionally ask customers for personal information like name, address, phone number, or e-mail. Your information will only be used to assist us in locating your account, offering technical support, and responding to your inquiries. Renton Computers will take all necessary precautions to protect the privacy of your personal information. All Renton Computers personnel have been informed about this policy statement, and Renton Computers has taken the necessary procedures to limit access to client information databases and establish and enforce consequences for violations.

Renton Computers uses “cookies” on the site, which randomly assign each visitor’s browser with a unique number, but which do not reveal any personal information about the person using the browser; by noting the locations of these uniquely numbered browsers on our site, we can study traffic patterns and improve our site.

Security Statement :

Utilizing industry-standard encryption and firewall technology, rentoncomputers.com maintains safe servers. All information sent through our Contact Us page is transferred to us using 128bit SSL Secured Socket Layer encryption for your convenience and increased security. You are given the option to choose from additional options at your discretion.

rentoncomputers.com does not view or keep credit card information when you make a purchase through our platform out of respect for your privacy. We work with Square, a specialist in credit card security, as our third-party payment processor. If your information is inaccurate, our payment processor may refuse payment and identify anomalies as fraud. Please double verify your billing information before submitting your order.

Beyond offering these security measures, rentoncomputers.com has no obligations or liabilities to you or anyone else. It is not the responsibility of rentoncomputers.com to ensure that these security measures or any others that may occasionally be used on the website are adequate.

Disclaimer :

You or any other user of this site are not and will not hold rentoncomputers.com , the website developer, or the website host responsible for the information on this site, including without limitation for its accuracy or timeliness, or for any other reason resulting from the information on this site.

Any damages (including, without limitation, incidental or consequential damages, lost profits, damages resulting from lost data or business interruption) resulting from the use or inability to use the rentoncomputers.com website, the content of the website, or the goods or services offered on or through the website, whether based on warranty, contract, tort (including negligence), or any other legal theory, are expressly disclaimed by rentoncomputers.com, its affiliates, and agents.

Service Policies

Repair Risks :

Electronic repairs might go wrong at any time. It’s possible that your device is broken beyond repair or that the fix leaves it permanently broken and useless. Particularly on liquid damage devices where components can short circuit, oxidize, corrode, and rust over time, circuit board components deteriorate with time and can fail suddenly.

In order to access internal components during repairs on gadgets with glued-on screens, like iPads, the screen must be preyed off. Since screens are so delicate, prying might cause them to break or crack. Although there is little chance of the screen cracking due to our extensive experience, risks still exist. Glass can break.  

On Apple devices, Touch ID and Face ID may malfunction during repair and be deemed useless. Although it is uncommon, depending on the device’s state, this could occur. 

               Laptops and AIO PCs with integrated GPUs are susceptible to sudden failure, especially on older models like 2011 MacBooks and iMacs. Any year, make, and model of HP, Dell, Toshiba, and other devices with known GPU issues.

Estimates :

The customer must look for an estimate on their own. When we receive devices, we assume that the customer wants us to try to repair them and that they have taken the necessary steps to contact us for an estimate or proposal. If a quote is required, it is the customer’s responsibility to get one in advance.

While we make every effort to provide accurate estimates, we cannot promise that they are all-inclusive and final. Until some repair is done, it is frequently very challenging or impossible to identify every issue affecting a device. During the servicing of your equipment, our estimations may develop or vary. Before moving further, we will let you know as soon as possible if our professionals need to change the estimate. You MUST approve any modifications before we can continue with the task. Our first estimate will always be valid as long as the services it was initially attached to are within their scope, even if we let you know the original service might no longer be essential or unlikely to fix the problem.

Payment Options :

Given that the repair is $200 or less, we accept all major credit and debit cards for our repair services. For security reasons, customers who owe more than $200 can be required to send a check or money order or given the choice of wire transfer. It is the customer’s duty to learn about their available payment alternatives and comply by our policies when it comes to paying for their repair.

The conditions of payment for all invoices are fixed at thirty days. The consumer will receive repeated reminders from Renton Computers to submit payment. The device will be discarded if payment is not paid within the allotted 30 days.

Limited Shop Warranty :

All repairs come with a 60 day warranty from us. In the event that a problem from the initial work order reappears for any reason within 60 days, we will repeat the service at no additional cost. Every component used to repair your equipment is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. The guarantee does not apply to problems that might arise within the guarantee period that are unrelated to the services rendered or to the initial problem or symptom that was identified and treated.

Warranty Exclusions :

  • Any repair involving components not obtained from Renton Computers.
  • Virus removal, operating system installation, and any software concerns
  • New signs or problems within the 60-day warranty period that are not directly related to the initial service.
  • The Renton Computers warranty is void if new hardware is installed or current hardware is modified during the 60-day guarantee term.

Limited Shop Warranty :

Recurrence of initial symptoms or problems brought on by user error or carelessness within the 90-day guarantee period, including but not limited to physical damage (drops, crushing, exposure to temperature extremes), liquid damage (spills on and immersion of the device in liquid), electrical damage (inadequate grounding, contact with underperforming or damaged electrical networks), and damage brought on by the installation or the utilization of potentially dangerous software elements (viruses, malware, spyware),

Note : The Renton Computers Limited Warranty is null and invalid if your device is physically tampered with or damaged within the warranty term.

This includes, but is not limited to, attempts to open or modify the device, the use of non-original charging cables to charge your device, cracked screens, dents in the casing, internal damage not present at the time of the original repair, attempts to open or modify the device, and any other intentional or unintentional action that could cause our repair to fail.

Some repairs made by Renton Computers can violate the warranty that came with your device. By accepting service from Renton Computers, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for nullifying the manufacturer’s warranty on your device.

Warranty Repairs :

We will repeat the repair at no additional charge if your equipment malfunctions or fails within 60 days of the time you got it. The issue is related to the initial work order. If the problem is unrelated, the cost of the repair will be communicated to you before we proceed. Before we try the repair again to make sure the claim is legitimate, no reimbursements are given. If we are unable to fix your equipment, we will only give a refund less the cost of the repair effort and return postage. You are responsible for delivering the gadget back to us if your device is eligible for the warranty repair; our company will pay for return shipping.

Estimate and Repair Time :

Although we take great satisfaction in the quickness of our repairs, several factors that affect how long it takes to complete your repair are beyond of our control. As a result, we will work to service your device in the order it was received as soon as we can. Your device will be put in front of the line for an extra $50 rush fee.  Any references to service timeframes found on our website or in marketing materials are our best guesses based on prior performance and are not intended to be precise time frames or to provide any sort of service time guarantee.

Replacement Parts Procedure :

Prior to ordering any parts, we will notify you whether a service requires parts in order to be completed. We will describe the required part, why it is required, any expenses involved, and an anticipated arrival date for the part. Our estimate is a best guess and is not meant to ensure arrival by a specific time because shipping times are out of our control. A 50% non-refundable deposit of the price of the ordered parts will be required if you want to keep your device until the parts arrive.

In general, Renton Computers won’t use components that weren’t bought by Renton Computers. This is because we are unable to confirm that the components will work properly and suit your device. Except as may be given by the part manufacturer, replacement parts not provided by Renton Computers are not covered by any warranty or guarantee. By supplying your own components, you understand and agree that any work we perform is not covered by the explicit or tacit Renton Computers Limited Shop Warranty or by any other guarantee or promise. You also consent to release yourself from any responsibility for harm to your device brought on by faulty components or other component incompatibilities.

Bench Fee :

In advance, we charge a non-refundable Bench Fee of $40 to $100 to cover the time spent working on your device in the event that data recovery or repair are unsuccessful. This fee will go toward the repair if it is successful.

Diagnostics Fee :

When the problem is unknown and we are unable to provide you with an upfront repair quote, we impose a diagnostics fee that is non-refundable and can range from $50 to $90.

Shipping Policy :

The directions we follow to ship your things are the shipping instructions you specify on the mail-in form.  If insurance is not requested, any shipping damages become the complete responsibility of the buyer, and Renton Computers is not liable for such damages.  Additionally, as gadgets are more likely to be damaged during delivery if they are not transported in their original packaging, if you send us your device in a generic box, we will return it to you at your own risk.  We are unable to provide insurance to pre-purchased labels, so if you are providing your own shipping label, make sure to place insurance on it if you desire to.

The order amount MUST be higher than or equal to the shipping fee when an order is placed. The order may be canceled and the client alerted if the order value is less than the shipping cost.

Data : 

Your data is not guaranteed to be safe or secure by Renton Computers. Although we take every measure to ensure the integrity of your data is unaffected, Renton Computers cannot be held responsible for any lost data as a result of its services.

If we know that a procedure can cause data loss, we’ll let you know what data might be impacted, and we’ll offer to backup your data for an additional fee. The complexity of electronic equipment, however, prevents us from knowing in advance what might happen to your data in any circumstance. Before you send off or ship in your device for service, we strongly advise you to back up any critical files and documents.

Pickup time limit and storage :

We will hold onto devices for up to 30 days after we have contacted you to pick up your device due to our limited storage space. If you don’t contact us after 30 days, we’ll assume that your gadget has been abandoned and we’ll have the right to sell it to recoup our costs and the parts we used to fix it, or if it’s broken, we’ll recycle it.

It is crucial that you pick up your equipment on time or make plans with Renton Computers to store it until you can pick it up because we cannot guarantee that it won’t be thrown after the initial 30 days.  After 30 days, if you arrange to pick up, you will be charged $40 per month for storage.

Terms & Conditions

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