Mail In Service

When the parts of your computer malfunction, it can be very annoying, particularly if you are unable to locate a trustworthy specialist in your area. But don’t worry! Our nationwide service for fixing computer hardware can help you out. We provide clients across the US a quick and affordable solution by specializing in the diagnosis and repair of a broad variety of computer hardware problems.

Our Services:

  • Laptop Repair
  • Desktop Repair
  • Custom PC Built
  • Apple/Mac Computer Repair
  • Liquid Damage Repair
  • Printer Repair

STEP 1: Give us a little more information about your device by completing the form below. Make sure you read the disclaimer and instructions.

STEP 2: We will send your ticket PDF to you via email. Place your device’s print inside the container. Send mail to the address given.

Step 3: We operate on your device. After the device is fixed, you pay. After payment, we mail the package back to you.

Please take note that it currently takes 4–8 weeks for us to complete standard services. Fast service takes one to nine days. If a quote is required, it is the customer’s obligation to request one in advance.